One of the Projects I am working on, I have a Content Type choice drop-down (OOTB) displaying all the Content Types associated with the document library. Please see below screenshot.

enter image description here

When a user uploads a document to the library, they have to populate the content type as a metadata otherwise they won't be able to perform Save/CheckIn.

So here is the challenge, I actually want to read the text that user selects from the content type drop-down, I am able to get the ID of a drop-down selection but I am not unable to get the text of selection.

So let's say when clicked on Save, if populated value in the content type drop-down is Project financing then I want to read Project Financing from Content type column. Can someone please help me with the line of code that helps me read the content type column. SInce I am working with SharePoint online, I would like to achieve this using JSOM. Thanks.

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