I have created Azure storage table and its URL is https://Testteams.table.core.windows.net/TestTable.

Now, I want to access it's a record into our SharePoint Online by SharePoint hosted app.

Can it be possible by logic app or any other way?

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There are a few possibilities. Here would be my recommended alternatives:

  • Provider Hosted app which connects to the Azure table and presents it on your SharePoint site.
  • Build a custom Web API which serves the table, or use the Table Service REST API, and consume that data from you SharePoint hosted app.
  • Build a web job in Azure which copies the data into your SharePoint list or similar. Then you can show the data with a built-in list view or your custom SharePoint hosted app or just javascript.
  • Access the data in SharePoint via External List from a SQL Azure table with Business Connectivity Services (I'm uncertain of this one)

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