I know how to refer to a standard field in the OnSuccess function of a .executeQueryAsync call using a CAML query;


However, I have another column that is a lookup field returned from an associated field. For example;

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The field I want to reference is Preferred E-mail.

I have tried;

qryItems.itemAt(1).get_item('Preferred E-mail')

But this does not work. I have tried getting the internal field name from the URL (Field=Account%5Fx003a%5FPreferred%5Fx0020%5FE%5F) and passed it through a URL Decoder to get Account_x003a_Preferred_x0020_E_. This does seem oddly truncated and;


This works to a degree, but returns an object rather than the text of the e-mail address itself.


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Hi Have you tried using

  qryItems.itemAt(1).get_item('Preferred E-mail').get_lookupValue()

For getting lookup values use below:

var columnFieldValue = qryItems.itemAt(1).get_item("columnName");
var lookupValue = columnFieldValue.get_lookupValue();
var lookupId = columnFieldValue.get_lookupId();

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