I have an Edit Item Form for a list in Sharepoint that i want to change in Sharepoint Designer, to remove 2 fields from the form that the user should not change. I believe i have to change HTML code to remove the two fields. The fields i have in List1 are a1, a2, a3, a4 (ID OM), a5 (Responsavel) I wish to remove a4 and a5 from the editing form (they are Lookup fields) of this list. The user should not change them, Can anybody tell me how to do this? edit form thanks

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You can create a custom edit form in SPD and set this as the default edit form.

Once done, go into the edit form on your browser > edit page > edit the form webpart using the xml editor.

You can either remove the rows entirely by deleting the html for the table rows that contain these two fields, or change the XML so that it shows the display value instead.


The easiest way to achieve this is as follows;

  • Go to the list app from the Site Content page
  • Click List on the menu bar then List Settings
  • Click Advanced Settings
  • Select Yes to Allow management of content types; click OK
  • Under Content Types click the content Type enter image description here
  • Select the column you wish to hide and change Column Settings to Hidden enter image description here

Now when you edit or add a new item these fields will not be visible. You will still be able to see them in a list-view.


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