On a Sharepoint Online modern communication site, how can I build a searchable employee directory that gets its details from the Office 365 active user accounts (and is automatically updated when they change their details or leave/join etc)? Preferably including links to their Delve profile.

All the information I've found online regarding how to do this is either aimed at on premises sites or classic sites.

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Now, there is no OOB method to create a People Directory in a modern page in communication site.

There are two methods which we could build our custom People directory:

  1. Using Microsoft Graph API to get the information from Azure AD

  2. Develope a SPFx Web Part that renders the information coming from Azure AD and in this Web Part we can provide search features.

  • just to clarify, are these two separate methods or did you mean use an SPFx web part to get the data from Microsoft Graph API?
    – Steve
    May 18, 2018 at 8:47

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