I have a custom form in sharepoint and I need to add to formatted field help on mouseover, what is a good way to accomplish this?

STandard tooltips go away to fast..

Thanks for suggestions

  • It looks like a giant pain in the neck, but this guy figured out a way to do it in custom forms: johnliu.net/blog/2011/11/10/… – hudsonsedge May 9 '18 at 21:28
  • That is using Infopath unfortunately we are using SharePoint designer. I use to use a very cool tool called overlib but seem that does not work with sharepoint. – pinkstonmatt May 10 '18 at 10:52
  • Would the new JSON column formatting tool let you do it? (caveat: I know nothing about JSON. Less than that, even.) – hudsonsedge May 18 '18 at 15:34

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