I have a field "Manager" (radio button with value yes and no) and another field country(dropdpwn) If I select manager = yes then only country should display else it should be hidden when user go to new form.

Below is my code, please let me know where I am doing wrong.

$("select[title='Manager]").change(function() {
if ($("select[title='Geographical span']").val() == "Yes")

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I would recommend you to use SPUtility.js to Hide/Show SharePoint list fields.

Updated Code:

$("select[title='Manager]").change(function() {         
if (SPUtility.GetSPField("Geographical span").GetValue() == "No"){              

Source for SPUtility.js : https://github.com/kitmenke/sputility/blob/master/src/sputility.js

Note : You have to include reference for SPUtility.js file in your code.

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