I have a site with 2 languages i.e., English and Arabic. Here I have two different webs with their respective languages as default i.e., English for en-us and Arabic for ar-qa. I have created resource files for both languages.

I am creating site columns, content-types at site collection and using them in the list created under their respective webs i.e., en-us and ar-qa. Here the lists are created programmatically via visual studio solution.

While creating the list in ar-qa, the label texts for form fields in New, Edit and View forms are not being translated to Arabic. However when I check for the allitems.aspx page, it is taking the labels from the resource file as expected. Refer to the below screenshot and kindly help for the same.

AllItems.aspx Kindly note that here the texts are being taken from resource file as expected.

enter image description here

List Form - Here the texts remains in enter image description here

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