I have a SharePoint 2013 environment with several High-Trust Addins. This must now be upgraded to SharePoint 2016.

My Questions:

  1. I was unable to find any documentation on the required steps. Links are welcome.
  2. Do i have to migrate App-Management Service and Subscription Settings Service? Microsoft Docs don't even mention them. Technet Forums say yes, but linked background is no longer available.
  3. During initial setup on SharePoint 2013, i had to create a New-SPTrustedSecurityTokenIssuer. In this step, a RegisteredIssuerName had to be specified. This IssuerName consists of the Realm and the IssuerID.
    • I think IssuerID can and should be migrated to SharePoint 2016, as it it also defined inside the High-Trust app.
    • What about the Realm? This is by default the same value as FarmID. If i migrate this value, i have to change the Realm in SharePoint 2016. Or should i create the TST with a new Realm and existing IssuerID?

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Answering this question on my own:

  1. Still no documentation available. I think Microsoft completely missed that! All info is from my own trial-and-error. Follow it completely on your own risk!
  2. Service-Applications:

    • We didn't move Subscription-Settings-Service to the new farm. Reason is the Versions table in the according database. The Version row seems to contain a Update-Installation history of the specific farm. We didn't want to replace that in 2016 with the values of 2013.
    • AppManagementService had to be migrated. Without migration, we got the error App "i:0i.t|ms.sp.ext|<appid>@<realm>" is not available. when loading the app on the site. I think there is some important stuff in AM_AppPrincipals and AM_AppPrincipalAppInstances tables. Migration is done like most other Service-Applications:
      • Backup ServiceApplication-Database in old SQL-Server and restore to new SQL.
      • If exists: Delete existing AppManagementService in SP2016
      • Create new AppMgmt-Service with New-SPAppManagementServiceApplication -Name "<YourName>" -Database <YourRestoredDatabaseName> -ApplicationPool <YourAppPool>
      • Create Proxy with New-SPAppManagementServiceApplicationProxy -Name "<YourProxyName>" -ServiceApplication <YourAppManagementService>
  3. We found an interesting article related to Realm-Change when configuring SPO-Hybrid-Environment. The information there is highly useful, as it describes how a Realm-Change for existing High-Trust-Apps has to be handled.

    • Based on that article, we decided to keep the Realm from SP2013 in SP2016. So we copied the SP2013 Realm to our SP2016 environment with the Set-SPAuthenticationRealm cmdlet.
    • IssuerID remained the same, as it is defined inside the app
    • So we created the New-SPTrustedSecurityTokenIssuer with -RegisteredIssuerName <oldIssuerID>@<oldRealm>

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