Which is the best way to deploy Office Add-ins to consume SharePoint Data. I am looking at the following options to upload the app manifest.

  1. Apps for Office guide I deployed the manifest file to the App Catalog and the Office Add-in Web is deployed to Azure Websites but I am getting Add-in Error not helpful details

  2. Office 365 Admin Center Office Admin Center deploy is an issue using ADAL.JS the ADFS organisational page always redirects to another window , the authentication is not straight forward and the window call back opens an new window after login. guide

  3. SharePoint Add-in that contains Office add-in guide This approach work well for documents created using the add-in template how ever it does not work for document uploaded to the SharePoint library.

Microsoft had made the communication between Office Add-in and SharePoint difficult what is the best way to develop and deploy and office add-in that consumes SharePoint list data using minimum effort on authentication?

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