In my test SharePoint 2010 instance, I notice SharePoint has a special group called NT AUTHORITY\Authenticated Users

In my SharePoint 2013 instance, I notice I have a special group called Everyone

These two groups seem to make the concept of "Any logged in user" when in SharePoint.

Is there ever a time when SharePoint 2010 would have Everyone group or when SharePoint 2013 would have the NT AUTHORITY\Authenticated Users?

What else should I know about the difference between these two?

Does Everyone include non-authenticated users?

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The Authenticated Users group contains users who have authenticated to the domain or a domain that is trusted by the computer domain. The Authenticated Users group also includes the local computer account and the built-in SYSTEM account.

The Everyone group includes all members of the Domain Users, Authenticated Users group as well as the built-in Guest account, and several other Built-in security identifiers like SERVICE, LOCAL_SERVICE, NETWORK_SERVICE, etc.

More detailed information check the article: Differences between Authenticated Users, Domain Users, and Everyone groups

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