I have the following code:

var requestUri = webAbsUrl + "/_api/web/Lists/getByTitle('Staff Directory')/Items?$\
        filter=Title eq '" + currentUserEmail + "'&$\

It works until it encountered an employee with an apostrophe in the last name. I tried encodeURI() and encodeURIComponent() but neither worked. I tried searching online and can't seem to find a quick solution.

Example Email: John.O'Doe@domain.com


Use below:

var str = fixedEncodeURIComponent(currentUserEmail);

var requestUri = webAbsUrl + "/_api/web/Lists/getByTitle('Staff Directory')/Items?$\
    filter=Title eq '" + str + "'&$\

function fixedEncodeURIComponent(src) {
return encodeURIComponent(src).replace(/[']/g, function (c) {
        return '%' + c.charCodeAt(0).toString(16) + '%' + c.charCodeAt(0).toString(16);
  • does it mean I have to replace a single apostrophe with double apostrophe? I'm confused about how charCodeAt(0).toString(16) = 27? – Tamras Merin May 2 '18 at 19:15
  • I found the answer about .toString(16) here: – Tamras Merin May 2 '18 at 19:25

Deepmala's answer will work, but it seems overly complex and hides both the approach and the actual solution. What you're trying to do is replace a single apostrophe with two, but they both have to be URI-encoded.

A simpler and easier-to-understand solution:

function fixedEncodeURIComponent(src) {
    return encodeURIComponent(src).replace(/[']/g, '%27%27');

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