I would like to enable check-in and checkout for onedrive Is this possible and if yes how? Thanks is in advance

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    What would be the purpose for doing so? ODfB is designed for personal storage, not to be shared among a larger group of individuals, so the need for check in/out doesn't exist. – Trevor Seward May 1 '18 at 1:01

With SharePoint and OneDrive for business, if you Sync a document library from a site, AND enable Check-in/Check-out on that document library - When you try open the file from your PC in the OneDrive for Business folder - the item will open as read-only.

You cannot check-out the file from opening it from OneDrive for Business. However, if you want to use check-in/check-out, you need to open the file from the Browser (Firefox, ie, etc.) and either use the Excel/Word app in the browser to activate the Check-Out, OR open the file from the Browser and click Edit in Desktop version of Word Excel.

It is highly frustrating that you cannot use check-in/check-out with OneDrive for business app on your PC.

Hope this helps

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