I've created a Managed Metadata Navigation for an enterprise wiki site. This is based off a term set managed within the Term Store Management Tool

The current hierarchy I have is: 1) Wiki Categories a. Cat 1 i. Sub cat 1 ii. Sub cat 2 b. Cat 2 i. Sub cat 3 ii. Sub cat 4 iii. Sub Cat 5

For each of the categories/ sub categories I've changed the target page to one within the Wiki Library, so when the user clicks, it takes them to the page

The issue i'm having is when the users click on the Sub Category terms. It correctly takes them to the target page, BUT the side bar links displayed are only those within the sub category. So for example, if I click on Sub Cat 4, the Side Bar links change to:

i. Sub Cat 3 ii. Sub Cat 4 iii. Sub Cat 5

AND This is where the major issue is.... for some reason whenever you click on the top term (Sub Cat 3), it redirects you to the Home Page of the entire Site Collection, EVEN THOUGH I have correctly set the target page for each of these sub category items....

Anyone experienced this or have a solution?

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