I have a simple view, as we know if we click in edit button it throws Default edit form of that element you selected.

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Well, when I click into this button it throws information of my current item. I want to know if its possible to add export to excel button there to get information of that edit view? For example:

In this view:

enter image description here

Get current items and export to excel. I show this Tutorial but Default Edit view doesn´t have ListId or ViewId attribute in URL, what can I do

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There is no OOB method to achieve that.

The OOB Export to Excel function is used to export all items in the particular view. So that it also needs the ViewId. The list id we can get from the path of the list settings page.

An idea is that using JavaScript to get all values on this EditForm.aspx page and then write the data to a spreadsheet.

Another idea, using the CSOM to create a view for the particular item and export it to excel, delete the view after exporting.

Demo: Export selected item from list to excel

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