I'm trying to get the top level site URL by using C# CSOM. i have site like below


i am trying to get the rootWeb like below?


how do i get this?

Thank you in advance


You can use the Uri.DnsSafeHost property to get the root web of the tenant.

Modify the below mentioned sample code:

private string GetRootSite(string site)
    Uri uri = new Uri(site.TrimEnd(new[] { '/' }));

    // using old string.Format method
    // return string.Format("{0}://{1}",uri.Scheme,uri.DnsSafeHost);
    // or using the new $"{}" notation
    return $"{uri.Scheme}://{uri.DnsSafeHost}";

public void DoSomeStuff()
    string siteUrl = "http://test.sharepoint.com/aaa/bbbb";
    string rootWebUrl = GetRootSite(siteUrl);
    //do some stuff with root web url

Reference - Uri.DnsSafeHost property

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In .Net managed client code, you can use following method:

public static string GetRootweb()
    string rootweb = string.Empty;
    using (ClientContext context = new ClientContext("http://test.sharepoint.com/aaa/bbbb"))
        context.AuthenticationMode = ClientAuthenticationMode.Default;
        context.Credentials = new SharePointOnlineCredentials(GetSPOAccountName(), GetSPOSecureStringPassword());
        context.Load(context.Site.RootWeb, w => w.Url, w => w.Title);
        rootweb ="Root Web URL:: "+ context.Site.RootWeb.Url +" Title:: "+ context.Site.RootWeb.Title;             
    return rootweb;

Note: GetSPOAccountName & GetSPOSecureStringPassword is the method to get user name and password to authenticate client context.

Here is the referral article.

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You can use REST API to get to the root site. Try this below endpoint in your browser. Append this after your site URL -


To get just the URL, try this (specific to your example) -

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