I am trying to provision a SharePoint 2013 tasks list from a spfx app using the feature framework. I am able to create an out of the box tasks list with the following list definition in my elements.xml file.

  Description="Task List created using SharePoint Framework"

This works as expected to create the new task list with the timeline and checkboxes, etc. The problem is I want to add two custom fields to this list. The normal way to do this is with a custom schema.xml, but using a typical custom list schema doesn't work with a Tasks list. I tried to find the custom schema for the TasksWithTimelineAndHierarchy feature on my SharePoint 2013 server but I could only find the schema.xml for the older 2010 tasks. So I am wondering if there is any way I can add fields to this list without a custom schema.xml. I don't care about adding the fields to views, they just need to be added to the list.


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