I have a SharePoint 2013 with lots of SharePoint- and Provider-Hosted apps. This must be migrated to SharePoint 2016. How do i best handle migration of the App-Domain?

Some more information what we do:

  • We perform several Test-Migrations and one Big-Bang productive migration
  • WebApplication URLs must stay the same. For testing we work with HOSTS-entries on our new SharePoint-Servers and on the Test-Clients. During PROD-Migration, we will change DNS-Entries to SP2016 Farm.

I see two possibilities:

  1. Also create HOSTS-Entries for every App. As far as i know, i cannot use Wildcard in HOSTS (*.apps.tld)
  2. Migrate to a new AppDomain (*.apps2016.tld). This seems to be a good choice, but i am a little scared things might break during migration when a new AppDomain is in place on the new farm.

Any practical experience is much appreciated.

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Answering this question on my experience after we worked through migration:

We used Option 1. We filtered out all installed Apps and created HOSTS-Entries for each App-Domain. We didn't evaluate Option 2, so i cannot say if this would also be a valid migration-path.

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