I've used the standard javascript that makes a POST to this api: /_api/SP.Utilities.Utility.SendEmail

However, I noticed that this is only functional for authenticated users. We want to create an emailed form on a page and use this method of sending the form. What alternative would enable to the server to do the API post?

This is an on-premise Sharepoint 2013 server.

  • What about using a workflow to send the email? – AymKdn Apr 13 '18 at 8:57
  • how would that be done? can that be done purely using SharePoint Designer? We don't have central admin privileges btw. – knox-flaneur Apr 13 '18 at 21:58
  • If the users fill a form, then this form is saved in a list, right? Then the workflow for this list can send an email (because you can give high privilege to a workflow: there are plenty documentation about it). – AymKdn Apr 14 '18 at 7:02

SharePoint 2010 platform workflow can send email to external users.

You can create a 2010 designer workflow or trigger the 2010 workflow via 2013 workflow. Details for your reference.

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