I have a document library with 5 content types where 'BZ Document' is the set as default content type : enter image description here

By using a javascript button i am opening an word template using Office URI schemes eg: "ms-word:nft|u|https://sharepoint-site-Url/Lists/Templates/CustomWordTemplate.dotm|s|https://sharepoint-site-Url/subject/1932018921/Shared Documents"

when i save the word document back to the sharepoint library enter image description here

The content type property in the word document is selected as "BZ Excel Document" but the default content types for the document library is "BZ Document" enter image description here

The issue is that why 'BZ Excel Document" content type selected in the word properties as a content type when the default content type is is "BZ Document"


What the document template you used?

Please go to library settings->click the “BZ Powerpoint Document”content type->Advanced settings->check if the document template is the custom word template you used in the Office URI schemes.


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