Suppose that a user have attached a Jack.jpg file as a attachment to a online InfoPath 2007 form, is there a way to retrieve or extract the full URL of this attachment file Jack.jpg?


If I haven't misunderstood your situation, the attachment files are stored as blob data inside the xml of the form, so there's no permanent URL for the image.


I think it will be stored as a Base64 encoded string inside the XML file. I would suggest writing a custom .aspx page which takes a querystring parameter to identify the document that can retrieve the raw XML and convert the Base64 encoded attachment into binary and send it back to the browser.

  • Yip, correct answer. All Sharepoint content is stored within Content DBs. You have to do a response.write of the byte[] which represents the image/file – Fox Mar 9 '12 at 12:13

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