On the default FBA Login Page, when a user enters wrong username/password an error message gets displayed:

"The server could not sign you in. Make sure your Username and Password are correct, and then try again.".

I want to change this error message dynamically according to requirement.

Such as

'Invalid Username or Password', 'Your account has been locked'


FBA failure message is coming from Failure Test="<%$Resources:wss,login_pageFailureText%>" , you can change the text to FailureText="Invalid Username and Password , Your account has been locked"

Change Error Message on FBA Login page

Or you can create your own custom login page .

  • Thanks for your reply. Actually I need display message on condition based for example if(Loginfail) { lblmessage.text="Your login or password not valid" } else if(yourMaxLoginAttempts>5) { lblmessage.text="your account has been locked" } else if(yourUserIdnotexixt) { lblmessage.text="You are not Authorised user. Please register first." } else { redirect to home page. } So please suggest the way. – Radhe Apr 12 '18 at 9:22

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