We use SharePoint as part of our Enterprise E3 subscription with Microsoft. From time to time, we have issues with files becoming corrupt, and we have to role back to a previous version of the file. Right now we can't figure out what the problem might be...

  • Some people access files using SharePoint Sites online. Others access by syncing to their PC. Most of these people have AutoSave turned on.
  • Most of these corruptions are happening with Excel files. These files are edited by multiple people.
  • Possibly a separate issue, but could it be related to these weird timing conflicts?
    • Current time is 11:45am (CET) 10 Apr 2018
    • SharePoint Online: File edited 25 minutes ago
    • SharePoint Version History: File edited at 1:20am 10 Apr 2018
    • Excel Desktop Application: Last Modified 10:20am 10 Apr 2018

I have checked protected view and file block settings. These do not help.

My Questions:

1) Why is the timing showing differently on different platforms? It makes files look like they became corrupted at 1:20am, when the office was closed.

2) Has anyone experienced such corruption errors for Excel files in SharePoint and how did you solve this issue?


Firstly, check if there is different time zone in the regional settings in users’ computers and SharePoint site.

Then, in the library settings->Versioning settings, what option you have selected for “Create a version each time you edit a file in this document library?” section?

Then, go to Excel file->File tab->Options->Save, check if you checked “save AutoRecover information every X minutes” and if the time is different in different users’ computer.

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