I really need help. I know in "SharePoint 2010" we could combine the view of List and Library into one view, but now in "SharePoint Online" I do not know how. I do not want to export or import data from excel. I want to be able to pull the data from my List and Library data in SharePoint. I do not want to export and or import anything. I want to be able to use the data from the List and Library from my SharePoint Online only. Is there a way to combine the different data into one view? I do not know if I have to use SharePoint Designer, a specific web app part, or there is a setting that I am not trying?

Thank You.

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Absolutely! You can do this without SharePoint Designer or any coding, importing or exporting. It's actually something SharePoint does really well.

To achieve this:

  • Ensure both the list and library are on the same site.
  • Navigate to either the "home" page (aka default page) of the site, or a custom page that allows webparts (e.g. /Pages/MyCustomDashboardPage.aspx) where you want to "combine" the two views
  • Open the page in edit mode
  • Click to add webparts, either from the page itself or the ribbon bar
  • Find your list webpart and add it
  • Add another webpart
  • Find your library webpart and add it
  • Arrange the webparts on the page however you'd like

Hope this helps!

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