I have a pscustomobject whose NoteProperty "Members" is populated with values within a loop.

$results.Members += $currentGroupMember.Title

When I do "Export-Csv" all values within "Members" are displayed in one Excel cell. Is it possible to have it start a new line for each value?

I tried to convert it like this:

$results.Members = (@($results.Members) | Out-String).Trim()

But it doesn't change anything.

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this is how i am doing to get the results. try the below code ( please change your for loop logic as i just get the idea from your code.

$results = @()

foreach($currentGroupMember in $currentGroupMembers)
$output = New-Object PSObject
$output | Add-Member NoteProperty -name "Memebers" -Value $currentGroupMember.Title
$results += $output
$results | Export-Csv C:\result.csv -NoTypeInformation

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