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But instead of adding a content/script editor to every document library, as suggested, I'd prefer to add my code to the system master page and have it triggered only when a document library gets opened. Does any one have a solution for this? The code I developed is working great when I put it in a script editor, now how can I make it run from the master page only on document libraries?

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you maybe get Doc. library by checking the url if it contains Forms/AllItems.aspx and then execute your code

  • Thanks for the reply. With your solution though I cannot create custom views for libraries... What if, for instance, I switch from AllItems.aspx to Custom.aspx? Apr 10, 2018 at 13:16

Ok, I solved my problem. Here's my solution:

        if ( ctx != null && ctx.listBaseType == 1) {
            //YOUR CODE HERE

This way the code will be executed only if the Sharepoint ctx variable is loaded and the library you open is a Document Library (that means that listBaseType == 1).

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