I have a document library and I need to copy the data on 'Name' column to 'Title' column. Be noted that the existing documents have already an existing data on the 'Title' column and I needed to update it so that it will be similar to 'Name' column. Your help is greatly appreciated.


you can write a powershell script to update the Title Column with the values from the Name Column by looping through all items

  • Ca you please give me a sample code on how to do that in powershell? I haven't used it before. Thanks! – RC15 Apr 12 '18 at 2:33

You can write a worfklow in Sharepoint Designer, which triggered if the item modifies. Make an extra Yes/No field, and a datasheet field, which has only a few columns (including the new Y/N, of course :-) ) and has many rows. You can easily modify a plenty of items with this Y/N field. My experience: 100 items/pages works enough fast, and even 5000 item can modify within an hour (depends on the server performance and your bandwidth),

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