Hi we are now working in multi language in SharePoint and we need to set the root site as source instead of its sub site.

I read that in variation we need to set the en-US as main source but in our case it needs to be the global root site because other countries has specific contents.

Below is our structure

company.sharepoint.com <---Root / Global
                      /US  <---Unit States
                      /China  <--- China 

Any tips on how to achieve this?


No, this is not possible since it would introduce overlap between labels / the navigation hierarchy.

There are many methods to redirect users from different countries to the right site when using variations, you can check this article:

How to redirect users to the right site when using variations?


Variations are build on subsites. You cant make the root itself a variation, since that will be the variation root site. Below will be the different variation labels in the hierarchy.

There is a (fairly old) post by Steffan which explains this in a lot of detail:


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