I am having a heck of time getting Sharepoint libraries to open in explorer consistently. If I go into a sharepoint library within IE and click the open in explorer button absolutely nothing happens. Once I click "Tools"-"Add Site to Apps" with IE the library will open in explorer. I have to do this every time I close the browser. I have added the site to trusted sites.

What is it about "Add Site to Apps" that allows that open in explorer feature to work?

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Not a great answer, but I found the cause and a workaround.

By design when we click on a document library it opens said document library in a separate tab. For whatever reason that tab opens in a 64bit tab which does NOT support "Open in Explorer".

The work around is:

Right click on document library link and click "Open in new tab"

This for whatever reason opens it in a 32bit tab and works as expected.

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