I created a new modern Site Page in my SharePoint team site to become the homepage. I also changed the tag to Home so I can remove the header.

I managed to get rid of the vertical navigation pane on the left by hiding it in the site sections. However one thing I noticed is that this page layout only takes 3/5 of the page from left to right. That is, the left of the page:

enter image description here

How can I actually stretch the page layout so it uses this wasted space?


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The only way I've found is to not use SharePoint. It's funny the header uses 100% of the width but it appears like a ridiculous ledge over the white space of the web parts below. There's always an excuse for these gotchas and rarely, if ever, a fix.

The only other way is to use the pictureless formatting which tricks the eye into thinking it's using 100% of the page width.

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