I am trying to add role assignments to SharePoint Online to a folder on a personal sub site. I looked up all the users against the parent site and I have a guid of 282. When I try and assign a new role assignment using 282 as the principal on my sub site I get "Value does not fall within the expected range.". There are only approx 10 users that I can actually use to assign new role assignments and If I try and look up users on the parent site I cant create a role assignment for them as they are not listed on my sub site. The URL I am using is:


Has anyone encountered this before?

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    Not a solution, however on further investigation I found that if I search for a user in the UI then that user gets added to the sub sites list of available users however assigned a new GUID relative to the sub site. – GavinF Apr 13 '18 at 23:35

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