I am still a beginner in SharePoint and am looking for some guidance (I can do this in Excel, but can't figure out how to do it in SharePoint).

FYI - I am stuck using SharePoint online (not Designer) and InfoPath form builder only. Please do not reference Designer or coding/scripting that cannot be accessed via Online or InfoPath in your response.

I have a checkbox that, when checked, identifies the record as being audited. I have a secondary field that captures the timestamp of when the box was checked "Yes". How can I stamp the user who updated the field? I can't seem to identify the variable for the formula for user. I tried the following formula but it did not work as UserName isn't a function in SharePoint. Is there a similar function variable that when Yes/No is changed to Yes, it will stamp the user who made the change?:

=If([Yes/No]="Yes", UserName(),"")>

Any help would be appreciated.



UPDATE: In InfoPath, I found the "Rule" to populate User Name if the Yes/No = "Yes", but it's not populating a User Name in the User Name field. Should my "User Stamp" column type be changed? I currently have it as "Single Text".

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