Is there a way to set the target audience on /_layouts/15/viewlsts.aspx?

Currently, I just set the target audience per list/library view settings. But if I can set the target audience on /_layouts/15/viewlsts.aspx then I don't have to set the target audience for individual views?

EDIT For example, we have a Leave Request list that everyone has contribute permission. The default view is set to only display the current user's data. There are other views that contain other users' information that the current user don't need to see. I used target audiencing to hide the data from these other views. So I was just wondering if there's an easier way than setting up target audience on each view. User with contribute (or less) permission don't really need to see anything in the Site Contents. Everything they need to access are displayed in a webpart on a page.

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It is unsupported to set the target audience on /_layouts/15/viewlsts.aspx.

It is supported to target the following content to specific audiences:

Target list or library items to an audience

Target a Web Part to an audience

Target a navigation link to an audience

For more detailed information, refer to the following article:



Audiences are not a security feature. You can only hide information from users by using audiences. The data is still available to them via the default pages like view all site content or CSOM or via REST calls or even search.

Your question sounds like you try to use them as a permission tool. That's not what they are designed for. Their goal is to reduce the information overload for users by hiding information that is not relevant for them.


Why are you trying to do this when the permissions you set at the site level already takes care of this? I don't think there is any explicit way to set a target audience to this page.

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