I am running an expanded REST query ​against a list in a Designer 2013 workflow. I am trying to get the email address associated with the user display name listed in a people picker field. The query runs successfully and I pass the results to a dictionary variable called item.

When I call for the contents of item I get the following, for example (I've redacted addresses)

{"__metadata":{"id":"Web/Lists(guid'e73423e0-d325-42e0-a4c3-4c73e130681a')/Items(1)","uri":"http://sharepoint site URL /sites/MobileThinClients/_api/Web/Lists(guid'e73423e0-d325-42e0-a4c3-4c73e130681a')/Items(1)","etag":"\"606\"","type":"SP.Data.DevicesListItem"},"NBK":{"__metadata":{"id":"c486bdb8-ed31-4ed3-91f8-23b6affedcc0","type":"SP.Data.UserInfoItem"},"EMail":"user's email address"},"Id":1,"Hidden_checkout_time":null,"Hidden_device_x0020_name":"MTC0010","Hidden_due_x0020_date":"2018-03-01T19:14:00Z","Tardy_count":1,"ID":1}

I am looping through the table and running the query against each item (Id) in the table. each works successfully except when I run a get command to pull the EMail value out. I try to store it in a variable (List_username), as I have with the other data points.

the problem is that the List_username variable is always empty. When i do the same thing for other fields in the query result it stores the content in the variable and I am able to use it, but for the email address it isn't working. code is below. Any ideas?

2013 Workflow code

  • We resolved this by running a separate get d/results command against the returned data. However, we specified the associated column name and item number: get d/results(0)/field name. Though in this case, we passed the item number via a variable because we are looping through the list. get d/results([%variable:name%])/field name – Kelly Apr 2 '18 at 13:13

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