I would really appreciate anyones help on this! i have little experience with workflows but have read up a lot and created some basic ones.

I need to create a workflow in Sharepoint, using sharepoint designer 2013.

The purpose of this workflow is:

  1. When you create a new item in a list, an email is also sent to the Area Manager.

2.The Area Manager must approve or reject the new item created in the list.They can reject or approve via a button/link in the email.

  1. If the area manager approves, an email is sent to the Director, to approve or accept the new item added to the list, again via email. If the area manager rejects the newly added item, an email is sent to the submitter stating it was rejected.

  2. If the Director accepts/approves the new item then an email is sent to the submitter stating that it was a success.

I know an approval workflow needs to be done, but i am having trouble implementing this.

I tried the links below suggested but still don't know how to implement this.

Really appreciate your help. thanks

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