Is there a way to shade or hide any blocks that are part of the previous or next month? Or way to include the month name next to the number? For example: Tuesday 1 should say May 1, and Friday 1 should say June 1?

enter image description here


The OOTB view settings does not give us the option to trim the calendar to make it show only a particular month.

Using the F12 developer tools, we can know SharePoint uses “.ms-acal-outday” class for the blocks of the previous and next month days. enter image description here

So we can use the following CSS to change the block style:


enter image description here

However, the days and items are in different row. Check the following screenshots.

enter image description here

There is no class defined for days, so that we cannot use CSS selector to get the elements. It is difficult to identify which day need to be hidden.

You may need to do some coding to build your own calendar to achieve this functionality you’re looking for.

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