One our teams asked for a new, mixed type of site collection that is

  1. outside from /sites (so mycompany.sharepoint.com/requestedsitecollecion
  2. and able to host both classic and modern sites like

Is any of this even possible? According to them it should be, but I found only options to put site collections under /sites or /teams, and I didn't find any templates with such a mixed funcionality.


In O365 you are restrained from having your own site locations and you are stuck with /sites/ due to the multi tenant setup.

You can have a site under /sites/requestedsitecollecion/ and create 2 subsites and set them to classic or modern

  • Thank you. Regarding the future options (mixed subsites), does it matter what template do I chose for the site collection?
    – vilmarci
    Mar 27 '18 at 15:13

As SPO limitation you cant have the custom Managed Path so best option is create a site collections, 1 with modern team site and 2nd with classic team site. Name both site collection url in a way so that you can understand it.

for example: http://url/sites/Mod_requestedurl or something and http://url/sites/Clas_requestedurl

Msft also recommended approach always create site collections rather Subsites. Also i am sure you cant create subsite with modern team site template.

If you provision a sub site under the root site of a "modern" site collection, sub sites will use "classic" templates. There are currently no "modern" sub site templates available. Y

Provisioning "modern" team sites programmatically

Create a team site in SharePoint Online

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