In SP Online, I have created a SharePoint Designer 2010 workflow type. I'm using "Start Approval Process" to create approval tasks.

I have a SP group which has 6 users and I want to assign individual tasks to these 6 users when a workflow is initiated.But when I add this SP group to the Participants section and initiate the workflow, only 1 task is getting created.

How to make the workflow assign tasks to every users in the SP group?

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Try to set the ExpandGroups to yes in your Action Properties


  • Right-click on your action > Select Properties.

enter image description here

  • At ExpandGroups set it to Yes

enter image description here

Each member of the group should now receive an independent task.


Do as Mohamed said, set the ExpandGroups to yes in your Action Properties, then choose Parallel(all at once):

enter image description here

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