I am trying to figure out which are the most used and least used sites in a site collection and when was each of the site last visited.

From the analytics report I could only see the top used page and the total number of views.

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There are several methods:

  • Parse the IIS logs.

    If you want a repeatable process, you can develop a desktop application for parsing the IIS logs and install it at the server machine. Then every time you need a report of unused sites, all you need to do is running this application.

  • Configure and view audit log reports.

    Audit log reports can track users actions on the site. When users visit the site, they definitely will visit the specific content such as a home page. The View event is available for audit log reposts. Analyze this data to determine which site is most visited site and when user visited the site.

  • Use code to get access date when users access the site, and add each access date into a list. Then you can filter and analysis the data of this list to get the last accessed date.

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