We have several calendars on our site, and a few days ago they started showing Tuesday as the first day of the week instead of Monday. Nothing changed as far as I can tell, but it's possible an update got installed automatically over the weekend.

I double-checked the regional settings for the subsite AND root site (they're both having the issue), but that appears to be set correctly:

enter image description here

On the actual calendars, though, the days are ordered like this:

  1. Tuesday
  2. Wednesday
  3. Thursday
  4. Friday
  5. Saturday
  6. Sunday
  7. Monday

Ideally, I would like to remove Saturday & Sunday altogether, but at the moment I'd just settle for getting #1 back to Monday. Has anyone run into this issue before?

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Check your personal region settings.

Click About Me to open Mysite -> Edit your profile -> On the Edit Details page, click the ellipsis (…), and then click Language and Region.

enter image description here

Change the personal language and region settings


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