I have two custom lists (Customer, Contracts).

Customer list contains: Name, Address, Active (yes/no) Contract list contains: Name, Customer (lookup field), Contract

When I add a new contract I want see only all Customer they have the status active=yes.

It is possible?


You need a filtered lookup column for this:

  1. Refer below blog: http://www.sharepointsiren.com/2013/05/sharepoint-2007-2010-2013-filtered.html

  2. or created filtered lookup using SP designer: http://sharepointbergen.blogspot.in/2007/04/creating-filtered-lookup-fields-in.html

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Create a calculated field in Customer List say IsActive with the formula =IF([Active]="yes",[Name],"")

Add a lookup column in Contract List say Customer to the Customer and get the information from IsActive Calculated field. This Customer lookup field will now display only Active Customer names.

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