We are migrating old SharePoint 2010 On Premise code to SharePoint Online. Part of the SharePoint 2010 on premise code has custom list forms developed with visual Studio.

Thought of using JSLink for custom forms while migrating the code to SharePoint Online but it seems that JSLink is only supported in classic experience and not in modern new experience.

Is there any way we can develop custom list forms on SharePoint Online with modern new experience? Is it possible with SharePoint Framework?

Note: Tried by adding forms to list instances on SharePoint Hosted Add In but it targets the AppWeb lists and not the lists on HostWeb.


There are no options to modify forms in modern experience other than PowerApps or Plumsail Forms so far. I'm a developer of the second tool and can say that it provides a lot of customization features - you can adjust your form with CSS, develop own controls and fields with JavaScript in a similar way to JSLink. Also, it has several advanced controls e.g. List or Library for editing related items/documents from another list, Ink Sketch for leaving hand-written notes in a form, Data Table for adding table-oriented data and some others.

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