My HTML template use Theia Sticky Sidebar - and it works in plain HTML.

When this HTML is transformed to SharePoint masterpage and layouts the script doesn't work.

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The problem lies in SharePoint layout.

Standard HTML <body> is actually <div id="#s4-workspace">. And when you scroll page, scroll event is fired on #s4-workspace element.

So, to make Theia Sticky Sidebar work (or any other Sticky plugin) - you have to change original JS.

Change all document selectors like this:

$(document).on('scroll.' + options.namespace, function (options, $that)..

to this:

$("#s4-workspace").on('scroll.' + options.namespace, function (options, $that)....

And all body elements:

if ($('body').width() < options.minWidth) {
            return false;

change to this:

if ($('#s4-workspace').width() < options.minWidth) {
            return false;

And this one: $(document).scrollLeft(); to this: $("#s4-workspace").scrollLeft();

Also, it's good idea to use Sticky Sidebar only when page is in display mode and set additional margin top to height of the ribbon plus few pixel like this:

if (inDesignMode != "1") {
        // Theia Sticky Sidebar @ display-mode
            "additionalMarginTop": $("#ms-designer-ribbon").height()+10,

When you set additional margin top like this, it will work both for the administrators and for readers. As sometimes, in my projects, I'm hiding ribbon for readers.

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