I need to know advantages and disadvantages XML query and SQL query for SharePoint report.when we have large data which one has best performance? which one is faster?


I have no experience using XML query to create reports but a little using SQL query. So, from my unknowledge, I think the latter will be more effective and will have a better performance because of, in the end, XML queries would have to be translated into SQL queries in order to work, right? I suppose that SQL language is the basic and primary language SSRS will understand so, everything that will be made on top of SSRS will be translated to SQL.

XML Query syntax

Query Design Tools

  • It's even simpler than that if the data is in a database use SQL, if it's in an XML document use XML They are totally separate,
    – MikeAinOz
    Mar 15 '18 at 6:40

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