I have an online site collection. I want to add a Google link to each sub-site at the current structural navigation and I don't want to do it manually. Each sub-site is set not to inherit the parent navigation. Does anyone have a good script that can do this? I'm not very good at putting pieces together, so the more complete the script is, the better.

Thanks Sandy


Use Add-PnPNavigationNode PnP cmdlet to add an item to a navigation element.

#connect to your tenant
Connect-PnPOnline –Url https://tenant.sharepoint.com –Credentials (Get-Credential)
$nurl = "<url>"
Add-PnPNavigationNode -Title "<title>" -Location "QuickLaunch" -Url $nurl

Iterate through subsites in the site collection and add navigation items.

PnP PowerShell overview

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