When I set the visibility of the the custom button, It should be applicable at both places (ContextMenu + CommandBar). I am having 2 buttons (Add Fav + Remove Fav). Based on few conditions, i am setting them up as visible = true / false. So this visibility setting should be applied globally for both (ContextMenu + CommandBar) but shows otherwise behavior.

Steps to Reproduce Consecutive attempts to add and remove favorite button for an item leads to this button mismatch . This is my element.xml file structure::


and commandsetManifest.json file

 "items": {
    "AddFavourite": {
      "title": { "default": "Add to Favourites" },
      "iconImageUrl": "/Fav.png",
      "type": "command"
    "RemoveFavourite": {
      "title": { "default": "Remove from Favourites" },
      "iconImageUrl": "/RemoveFav.png",
      "type": "command"

SS: enter image description here


It seems to be a bug and SPFX community have accepted this and will fix this in future releases. Thank you team for the affirmative response.

Reference : #1459

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