We have a user that is trying to access a site collection. I've given her owner rights but she is still unable to access the site collection. I think it's worth mentioning that this user left the organization for awhile and came back. It almost appears as though her profile isn't syncing properly. Is there a way to force a resync with Active Directory? We aren't currently using the User Profile Sync service to my knowledge.

  • Ask your helpdesk/sysadmins what was done with this person's Active Directory account when they left and returned. Profile has nothing to do with it.
    – user6024
    Mar 12, 2018 at 17:03

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If the user's AD account as deactivated, and then reactivated, then they should still have access. If their account was deleted and then recreated, then they have a new SID and are not the same user.

I think the Move-SPUser PowerShell cmdlet will help you fix this. (Do a web search first.)


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