I am working on SharePoint 2013 OnPremise test environment. I've created a SharePoint-Hosted Add-In and its url is something like, even after deployment via powershell on the production environment:


Is it possible to have a clean url? Something like:


The only thing I found is this, but it's quite confusing to me.

  • When I remove the -123456789abcdef from the URL, I am still able to start the app. The parameters are even passed on. What issue did you see when you removed the app ID from the URL?
    – Eric Shen
    Commented Nov 28, 2018 at 17:57

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Short Answer: You cannot get a 'clean' URL without the ugly AppID in the domain.


The structure of an App-URL looks like this: <Prefix>-<AppID>.<appdomain>.<tld>

Example: app-1234567890abcdef.sharepointapps.local

Every App you install gets a different AppID in the URL. The App itself gets called via this URL and it is a security best-practice to encrypt this traffic via SSL. As you will get as many different URLs as you install Apps, Microsoft's guide tells you to configure a wildcard-certificate and a wildcard-record in DNS for your AppDomain.

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