I want to display root site List items in sub-sites. The reason is to avoid creating lists at multiple sites. How can I achieve this in SharePoint modern web part?


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The modern experience lacks the possibility to use the standard search webpart. But they have something called Highlighted content. It is a bit tricky to configure but with some time and quite a few tries you can get to an almost perfect solution. Please have a look at the images below.

If highlighted content is not what you are looking for maybe this is your thing. This one is an example made by Elio Struyf: SearchSpfx. You have to build and upload the webpart your self.

enter image description here

Path here is the url to the list itself.

enter image description here

This results in the following view.

enter image description here

Unfortunately it does not really exist a modern OOTB webpart capable of what you are looking for. But as i showed in the beginning of the post there are some custom webparts that do what you are asking for.


This solution works on premise. There is no way implementing it on SharePoint Online OOTB.

  • Open list in SharePoint Designer
  • Click on view
  • Click on web part in source code
  • Export web part by using ribbon on top
  • Open exported file in Notepad++ or other text editor
  • Search for tag SiteID
  • Replace SiteID with the SiteID of the source site (your root site)
  • Save
  • Open one of the sub-sites in browser
  • Edit page and import the web part -> use it there
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    This does not work for SharePoint Online modern pages and modern webparts! Commented Mar 8, 2018 at 12:35
  • Oh, you are right. As the information "sharepoint-online" was just in the tag and not in the short question or title I did not realize it. I am sorry. Maybe my solution helps anyone searching for this question for sharepoint on premise.
    – PhilFancy
    Commented Mar 8, 2018 at 12:37

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