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I've searched for answers and as many have suggested I restarted services, recycled pools and Workflow Manager, but here is the seemingly unique issue at my end. Although Service Bus is installed according to the Web Platform Installer, the Service Bus AND Service Gateway Services are NOT listed under Services. It's as if they aren't installed.

Workflow Server Status - Workflow is Connected Both Workflow Service Application and Workflow Service Application Proxy are "Started".

Snapshot of what I get when I try to run a SharePoint 2013 Approval Snapshot of what I get when I try to run a SharePoint 2013 Approval

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OK I figured it out. Whew! Go to Service Bus Configuration and reconfigure. You will need your SQL Server Instance Name and initial phrase ( password ) from the original configuration.

  • can you please provide any link or steps to reconfigure the service bus? Commented Jun 22, 2020 at 8:38

In my case, the Service Bus Message Broker was not working. Not sure what made it stopped but after starting it everything got normal. Thanks Mike for pointing to right direction.

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